Unacademy One Kota Terms and Conditions

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The Unacademy One Kota (“Event”) is an ‘invite only’ private event organized by M/s Sorting Hat Technologies Private Limited (“Unacademy”) at Kota, Rajasthan. The Event shall be governed by the following terms and conditions as well as the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy as available on the Unacademy Platform (including website and mobile applications) (collectively referred to as “Terms”) which shall be binding on the Attendees (defined later) any other individuals attending the event.

The Event is tentatively scheduled to be conducted on Kota on Sunday, October 16, 2022 at Chapan Bhog, 5R8H+X2H, RJ SH 33, Kishorepura (“Venue”). Further details related to the event shall be communicated to Attendees through email, SMS or via any other mode by Unacademy.

Eligibility and Entry to the Event

  1. Unacademy’s learners (“Learner(s)”) from Kota who have received a communication in the form of SMS/email from Unacademy containing a unique link must register for the Event to be eligible to get a chance to get invited for the Event. Upon successful registration within the time stipulated in such SMS/email, Learners may get a chance to receive a confirmation email from Unacademy with details of the Event (“Participant Learner(s)”) confirming their invitation and participation to the Event.
  2. Learners may invite up to two guests to attend the Event with him/her by sharing the communication received from Unacademy with the guests, provided that such guest is at least twelve years of age and subject to the terms and conditions herein.
  3. In order to be selected for the Event, a guest shall be (i) an Individual (ii) an Indian citizen (iii) in India (iv) legally eligible to enter into a contract or fulfills the Age Requirements provided below, provided that the guest must have (i) successfully registered for the Event (ii) Learner from whom they have received the invite(s) have already registered for and are attending the Event (vi) complies with all other terms and conditions stated herein.
  4. Learners’ guests who are interested in attending the event must register for the Event through the unique link shared by the Learner (“Registered Guest(s)”). Please note that solely by virtue of registering on the link shared by the Learner alone, a guest shall not be eligible to attend the Event. Unacademy at its sole discretion will issue confirmation emails to the selected guests (“Invitees”), where Learner will get priority over the Learners’ guests, and that Learners’ guests, subject to satisfaction of all terms and condition states herein will be eligible to get a chance to attend the Event on “first come first serve” basis’. Only successful registrations amongst Learner and Learners’ guests as per the eligibility and other terms and conditions mentioned herein will receive a confirmation email from Unacademy with details of the Event confirming their invitation and participation to the Event (“Confirmation Email”).
  5. In order to gain entry to the Event, the Participant Learner and the Invitee (collectively “Attendee(s)”) are required to show an Unacademy Student ID or any government ID card along with the Confirmation Email received by them which contain a unique QR code at the registration counters at the Venue of the Event. Attendees may be refused entry at the venue of the Event if the name on the Confirmation Email does not match with their individual IDs.

Age Requirements

  1. The Attendees understand and confirm that where they are less than eighteen years of age (“Minor”), the registration for the Event was done with the consent of and under the supervision of their parents or guardian.
  2. Attendees acknowledge that Unacademy does not have the responsibility to ensure that the Attendee is registering and attending the Event with the consent and supervision of their parent or guardian. It shall be the Attendee’s sole responsibility to ensure that the required qualifications are met.
  3. Unacademy reserves the right to revoke the Attendees’ Confirmation Email to attend the Event/ refuse entry to the Event if it learns that the Attendees do not meet the above stipulations with respect to Minors.

Personal Information

  1. A Participant Learners’ and the Registered Guests’ Personal Information, including Sensitive Personal Information, that may be collected to enable the Event and provide ancillary services related to the Event shall be collected, processed, and stored in accordance with the Unacademy’s Privacy Policy. Participant Learners or the Registered Guests shall have all the rights available to them under the applicable Data Protection Laws in accordance with the Unacademy Privacy Policy.
  2. Unacademy shall use a Participant Learners’ or the Registered Guests’ Personal Information for facilitating the Event and rendering the Services with respect to the Platform in the most effective manner, to secure the Platform and make improvements, to perform market research and product analysis, to carry out Unacademy’s obligations towards the Participant Learner or the Registered Guest, and to communicate with the Participant Learners and the Registered Guests. The said communication can either be by calls, text, or emails and for the purposes of conducting the Event itself, transactional, service, advertising or promotional calls or messages about the Event and other offers, new products or services made available by Unacademy and its affiliates, group and/or subsidiary companies, and the Participant Learner and Registered Guest hereby consents to the same. Any deletion request received from a Participant Learner and a Registered Guest in respect of their Personal Information shall be processed in accordance with Unacademy Privacy Policy.

Consent And Waiver By Attendees

  1. The Attendees agree and consent to Unacademy and its affiliates, Group Companies, subsidiaries recording the Attendees’ participation, inter alia, the Attendees’ interactions, appearance, name, qualification, testimony, photographs, audio and/or video of their participation, as may be applicable, (“Recordings”) for and / or in relation to the Event and to use the Recordings for the purpose of live-streaming, upload, publications, advertising, promotion of Unacademy or its group Companies or their online platforms on their online platforms, including but not limited to www.unacademy.com, YouTube and other social media channels, and other media activities (“Activities”).

    Further Attendee consents to the following:
    1. The Attendee permits Unacademy to record the Event with his/her participation and perpetually use the Recordings of the Event for the Activities mentioned hereinabove, including livestream on multiple platforms.
    2. The Attendee agrees that the rights to control the use of these Recordings throughout the world will perpetually remain with Unacademy as its sole property.
    3. The Attendee agrees and understands that he/she will not be compensated in connection with use of these Recordings.
    4. The Attendee confirms that any information including without limitation testimonials, quotes etc. are true and accurate to the best of his/her knowledge and hereby agree to indemnify and hold Unacademy harmless against any claims that may arise with relation to the same.

Prohibited Items

  1. The Attendees shall not carry any bags, water bottles or food items to the Venue. Such items shall be confiscated from the Attendees at the time of security checkpoint at the entry.
  2. Attendees are prohibited from bringing items such as Cigarettes, or any such smoking devices, alcohol, beverages to the Event and in case any such items are found with Attendees, such Attendees and their respective guest will not be permitted to enter to the Venue for attending the Event and will be asked to leave the Event Venue in such a case.
  3. Any Learner found in possession of any illegal or substances banned under the law, hazardous substances, or dangerous objects including but not limited to firearms, flammable items, aerosol, lighters, matches, tin cans et.c shall be handed over to the authorities or evicted from the Venue. Unacademy reserves the rights to seize, confiscate or hand over to the authorities any such items.

General Conditions

  1. Information that is available on the Unacademy Platform or communicated on Unacademy’s official social media handles shall be the only authentic and valid information with respect to the Event. Unacademy shall not be responsible for any incorrect/misleading information relating to the Event, presented/ displayed on any other source other than the Unacademy Platform and shall not be liable for any loss suffered by any Learners or Learners’ guests based on the representation, terms, the information presented/displayed on any other source other than the Unacademy Platform.
  2. Unacademy reserves the right to refuse entrance and / or revoke access to any Attendee to the Event at any time and all decisions made by Unacademy in this regard are final.
  3. Unacademy reserves the right at its sole discretion to modify, cancel, postpone, reschedule or cancel the Event at any time without any prior written notice and Unacademy shall not be held liable for any losses, damages suffered by the Attendees as a result. In such instances, Unacademy shall endeavour to provide advance notice, where possible.
  4. The Attendees are advised to exercise necessary caution while attending the Event and Unacademy shall assume no liability in case an Attendee suffers any medical condition while attending the Event.
  5. These Terms shall be governed by the laws of India and subject to the Terms, the courts at Bangalore shall have exclusive jurisdiction to determine any disputes arising out of or in relation to the provision of these terms.
  6. The Attendees shall indemnify and hold harmless Unacademy, its officers, employees, agents, licensees, etc against any and all damages, claims, losses, demands, actions, causes of action, suits, litigation, costs and expenses (including but not limited to, the publication of response(s) submitted by the Attendee as a part of, or in association with the Event without limitation, reasonable attorneys’ and consultants’ fees).
  7. Unacademy shall not be liable for any failure to comply with its obligations caused by weather conditions, fire, flood, strike, hurricane, industrial dispute, war, hostilities, terrorist attack, political unrest, riots, civil commotion, inevitable accidents, pandemic and/or epidemic, acts of God or any other circumstances amounting to Force Majeure.
  8. Unacademy shall not be responsible for any loss or damage if Unacademy is required to discontinue or cancel the Event in compliance with any law, ruling, order, regulation, requirement, or instruction of any Central/State Government or for any other unavoidable reason beyond its control. The Attendees shall be informed of such discontinuance/cancellation as early as possible.
  9. Unacademy shall not be responsible for non-availability or deficiency in any services as may be rendered at the Venue by third parties.
  10. The aggregate liability of Unacademy in case of any damage, loss, cost, claim, liability, or expense (including legal costs and expenses) caused to the Attendee or incurred by any act, omission, or representation in respect of the Event shall not in any case exceed Rs.100.

Additional Conditions

  1. Attendees are encouraged to arrive at least thirty minutes before the Event is slated to begin.
  2. Attendees who have been admitted to the Event must safeguard themselves at all times during the Event and always wear the wristband issued to them at the time of entry for the purpose of identification. Attendees who are not wearing a wristband or not adhering to instructions provided at the Venue may be restricted from participating in the Event and may even be asked to leave the Venue.
  3. Unacademy shall not be held responsible legally or otherwise in case:
    1. Any personal item belonging to the Attendee goes missing/ stolen/lost/destroyed/confiscated anywhere at the Venue of the Event.
    2. Any personal injuries are sustained by the Attendees at the Event arising from or related to any altercations between Attendees.
    Attendees acknowledges and agrees that Unacademy shall have no legal obligation to mitigate any Attendee’s actual or potential losses sustained during the Event.
  4. Attendees shall at all times follow the directions and obey the instructions of the Unacademy representatives at the Event Venue and shall not act in any manner that may amount to harassment, intimidation or causes general disruption or harm to the other Attendees or representatives of Unacademy at the Venue.
  5. Unacademy representatives shall have sole authority and shall have the sole discretion to prevent Invitees from entering the Venue for the Event. Such representatives shall have sole authority to compel an Attendee to leave the Venue and Event in case of any act or omission by the Attendee that can be deemed to be disruptive (at the sole discretion of such representative).
  6. Attendees understand that parking arrangements are not available at the Venue and those attending the Event are requested to arrange parking spaces for their vehicles.
  7. Confirmation Email sent to the Invitee(s) is a conditional, cancellable, personal, non-transferable, non-redeemable, revocable, and private invitation sent to the recipient of such Confirmation Email, being Invitees, solely for the purpose of single-entry usage to the Event Venue by respective Invitee. Invitees shall refrain themselves from sending or sharing such Confirmation Email to anyone else. Suitable actions will be taken against any direct or indirect misuse of such Confirmation Email and the recipient of such Confirmation Email shall be solely responsible for any such actions.


  1. Unacademy and/or its subsidiaries/affiliates shall not be under any obligation to the Attendees in relation to the Event and the Attendees, Learners, Learners’ guests and/or Registered Guests shall have no claims whatsoever against Unacademy and/or its subsidiaries/affiliates relating to the selection process, or the management of the Event.
  2. Unacademy shall not be responsible for any errors or omissions in the terms and conditions contained herein. All information provided is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, Unacademy disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including without limitation, implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement in respect of the Event. Unacademy shall have the sole discretion to discontinue / cancel the Event or any part thereof at any point in time and the Attendees shall not raise any claim due to such discontinuation or cancellation at any time whatsoever.
  3. Unacademy shall not be held responsible in case of a server shutdown or loss of Learners’ or Registered Guests’ registration and/or other data. Unacademy shall not be responsible for any delay in receipt or non-receipt or incomplete or corrupt receipt of the registration or, other details of the Participant Learners and Registered Guests. Unacademy shall not be responsible for any technical difficulties or data corruption that may arise during the registration process. Further, Unacademy shall not be responsible and/or liable in any manner whatsoever in case any interested Learner or their guests are unable to register the Event due to failure on part of the internet service provider, facility provider, etc.

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